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How to Change File Attributes with Attrib from the Windows Command line (CLI) Prompt

Just run command prompt
Start -> Run -> CMD for XP, or
for Vista, Se7en & 10 Start -> type CMD in search box, right click and run as Admin,
type the following command:

attrib -H -S C:\path\to\your\file.doc /S /D

You can also use the asterisk character to define multiple extensions. For example:

attrib -H -S C:\raymond\*.* /S /D

This would remove the Hidden and System attribute of all files in the raymond folder on the C drive.

The /S and /D arguments are optional.

Just to point out, it’s probably not the best idea to use something like “C:\*.*” as this will unhide the whole drive including files which Windows has set as hidden or system by design.

R – This command will assign the “Read-Only” attribute to your selected files or folders.
H – This command will assign the “Hidden” attribute to your selected files or folders.
A – This command will prepare your selected files or folders for “Archiving.”
S – This command will change your selected files or folders by assigning the “System” attribute.
/S – This command will recurse down into all sub folders
/D – This command will unhide the folders themselves if they have the System or Hidden attribute set.

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How to configure Postfix MTA for Mail Server

# vim /etc/postfix/main.cf

myhostname = unixserveradmin.com     ## line no 75 – uncomment and enter your host name
mydomain = unixserveradmin.com     ## line no 83 – uncomment and enter your domain name
myorigin = $mydomain     ## line no 99 – uncomment
inet_interfaces = all     ## line no 116 – change to all
mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost, $mydomain     ## line no 164 – add $domain at the end
mynetworks =,     ## line no 264 – uncomment and add your network range
home_mailbox = Maildir/     ## line no 419 – uncomment

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