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JBOSS – Introduction

Q:- Difference between servlets and applets?

Servlets executes on Servers while Applets executes on browser, Unlike applets, servlets have no graphical user interface.

Q:- What is an Applet?

An applet is a small server side application that can be loaded and controlled on the browser by the client application.  An applet has limited access to resources in order to ensure security.

Q: – What is Jboss ?

JBoss is a popular open source application server based on JEE technology. Being JEE based, the JBoss supports cross-platform java applications. It was embedded with Apache Tomcat web server. It runs under any JVM of 1.3 or later versions. JBoss supports JNDI, Servlet/JSP (Tomcat or Jetty), EJB, JTS/JTA, JCA, JMS, Clustering (JavaGroups), Web Services (Axis), and IIOP integration (JacORB).

Q: – What is JBoss cache ?

JBoss cache is a product. Frequently accessed Java objects are cached by utilzing JBoss cache to improve the performance of e-business applications. JBoss decreases the network traffic and increases the scalability of applications by eliminating unnecessary database acces.Fully transactional features and highly configurable set of options which are to deal with concurrent data access, are provided by JBoss cache in an efficient manner possible for the applications.

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