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How to add Cluster or Node in Proxmox VE

There are three Clusters or Notes as Following :-

Cluster-1 or Node-1 :-
Cluster-2 or Node-2 :-
Cluster-3 or Node-3 :-

All settings can be done via command pvecm (Proxmox Virtual Environment cluster manager)

Step-1 :- Create the Master Cluster

Login via ssh to the first Proxmox VE node or cluster. Use a unique name for your Cluster, this name cannot be changed later.

node-1# pvecm create node-1

node-1# pvecm status (To check the state of cluster)

Step-2 :- Adding nodes to the Cluster

Login via ssh to the other Proxmox VE nodes. Please note, the node cannot hold any same VM´s. (If yes you will get conflicts with identical VMID´s – to workaround, use vzdump to backup and to restore to a different VMID after the cluster configuration).

node-2# pvecm add (Add a node)

node-2# pvecm status (To check or display the state of cluster:)

Version: 6.2.0
Config Version: 2
Cluster Name: node-1
Cluster Id: 6639
Cluster Member: Yes
Cluster Generation: 8
Membership state: Cluster-Member
Nodes: 2
Expected votes: 2
Total votes: 2
Node votes: 1
Quorum: 2
Active subsystems: 5
Ports Bound: 0
Node name: node-2
Node ID: 2
Multicast addresses:
Node addresses:

node-2# pvecm nodes (Display the nodes of cluster)

Node  Sts   Inc   Joined               Name
1   M    156   2013-09-05 10:39:09  node-1
2   M    156   2013-09-05 10:39:09  node-2
3   M    168   2013-09-05 11:24:12  node-3

node-1# pvecm delnode node-2 (Remove a cluster node)

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