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How to Compile Linux Kernel

Configure Yum Repository in local machine, So we can install following packages :-

# yum install kernel-header* redhat-rpm-config-* unidef* rpm-build*

# yum install ncurse* (for menuconfig)

# yum install gcc* (for gconfig)

# yum install qt* glibc* gtk* (for xconfig)

# useradd brewbuilder

# groupadd brewbuilder

# tar -xvf  kernel-2.x.tar.gz

# cd kernel-2.x

# make menuconfig OR make gconfig OR make xconfig

# make (Build the actual kernel & modules)

# make modules_install (Installthe modules under /lib/modules/<kernel-version>)

# make install (Install the Kernel in/boot & adds a GRUB entry in the file)

Check grub entry in /etc/grub.conf file and Rrboot the machine with new compile kernel.

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