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How to make SSH listens on multiple port

Although it is a security risks, it is possible to make OpenSSH listens on multiple port. To do that, you need to edit file and enable the “GatewayPorts” option.

# vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config
AllowTcpForwarding no
GatewayPorts yes
X11Forwarding no
#X11DisplayOffset 10

1. Look for the line that contain “Port 22”, and uncomment it if necessary, and add additional Port line to enable OpenSSH to listen to other ports. Like this:
Port 22
Port 80
Port 1025

2. The example will enable OpenSSH to listen to port 22,80,1025 simultaneously. Don’t forget to restart SSH service to enable the change by running:

# /etc/init.d/sshd restart

Warning: Running SSH on multiple port may cause security risk, you have been warned!

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