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How to Remove Unwanted route to in RHEL Linux

Every time the system boots, You may have seen the following with the route to

# route
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway                 Genmask        Flags    Metric      Ref      Use    Iface             *             U           0         0        0      bond0             *             U           0         0        0      eth3         *                 U           0         0        0      eth3
default               UG          0         0        0      bond0

This is the zeroconf route ( You manually disable it by turning off the firewall and remove the route with / using the route command.

Permanent Solution: To disable the zeroconf route during system boot, edit the /etc/sysconfig/network file and add the following NOZEROCONF value to the end of the file:


Layman Explanation: Zeroconf, or Zero Configuration Networking, is a set of techniques that automatically create a usable IP network without configuration or special servers. This allows inexpert users to connect computers, networked printers, and other network devices and expect a functioning network to be established automatically. Without Zeroconf, a user must either set up special services, like DHCP and DNS, or set up each computer’s network settings manually, which may be challenging for non-technical or novice users.

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