Server Administration & Management

Hearbeat Configration File Options

logfacility local0 –> Facility to use for syslog()/logger
keepalive 2 –> how long between heartbeats

A note on specifying “how long” times below, The default time unit is seconds 10 means ten seconds You can also specify them in milliseconds 1500ms means 1.5 seconds
deadtime 30 –> how long-to-declare-host-dead?

If you set this too low you will get the problematic split-brain (or cluster partition) problem.
warntime 10 –> how long before issuing “late heartbeat” warning?
initdead 120 –> Very first dead time (initdead)

On some machines/OSes, etc. the network takes a while to come up and start working right after you’ve been rebooted. As a result we have a separate dead time for when things first come up. It should be at least twice the normal dead time.
udpport 694 –> What UDP port to use for bcast/ucast communication?
bcast etho –> What interfaces to broadcast heartbeats over?
auto_failback on
on        –> enable automatic failbacks
off        –> disable automatic failbacks
legacy    –> enable automatic failbacks in systems where all nodes do not yet support the auto_failback option.
node –> Tell what machines are in the cluster


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