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How to view Dell Service Tag from Linux, Windows & VMWare ESXi Server Virtaul Machine

1. Get DELL Service Tag on remote Windows system

Login to the Windows remote-host using VNC or remote desktop connection. Use WMIC on Windows to get service tag as shown below.

C:>wmic bios get serialnumber

Following WMIC command will give make and model number along with service tag.

C:>wmic csproduct get vendor,name,identifyingnumber
IdentifyingNumber    Name                Vendor
ABCDEF1              PowerEdge 2950      Dell Inc.

If VNC or remote desktop connection to the remote-host is not available,  execute the following from the
local-host to get the service tag of the remote-host.

C:>wmic /user:administrator /node:remote-host bios get serialnumber
[Note: Replace remote-host with the machine name of your remote-host.]

2. Get DELL Service Tag on remote Linux system

Login to the Linux remote-host using SSH. Use dmidecode on Linux to get service tag as shown below.

[remote-host]# dmidecode -s system-serial-number

Method 1: Identify DELL Service TAG on VMWare Server

If you’ve installed VMWare server on a base OS, you can login to the base OS, and use dmidecode to get the service tag as shown below. This is just like how you identify service tag for DELL poweredge servers on a normal non-virtual server that is running a Linux OS.

# dmidecode | more
Handle 0x0100, DMI type 1, 25 bytes.
System Information
        Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
        Product Name: PowerEdge 2850
        Serial Number: H234567

Refer to View DELL Service Tag and Express Service Code From Linux and Windows for more details.

Method 2: Identify DELL Service TAG on VMWare ESXi

If you’ve installed VMWare ESXi, there is no Base OS. If you do dmidecode on one of the virtual machine running on that ESXi, you’ll not get the DELL Service TAG. Instead, you’ll get information about the VMware as shown below.

# dmidecode | more
Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
        Manufacturer: VMware, Inc.
        Product Name: VMware Virtual Platform
        Serial Number: VMware-11 aa bb cc dd ee ff gg-hh ii jj

To identify DELL service tag on this server, you should login to vSphere client

-> click on the top level node in the left-hand tree structure (this is the vmware node)
-> click on the “Configuration” tab
-> On the left side, it will display “Hardware” and “Software” sections
-> click on “Processors” link in the “Hardware” section
-> under the “System”, you’ll see the DELL service tag as shown in the picture below.

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