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Error : “Virtuozzo does not recognize 82574L controller” Resolution

This error comes many times in Virtouzzo 4 installation on 32bit or 64bit Platform on CentOS , mentioning that the network controller is not recognizable by Virtouzzo. The exact error is similar to below :

The following devices are not supported by Virtuozzo:
If you will continue the installation, Virtuozzo Containers may fail to boot or some device may be not operational
8086:10d3 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
8086:10d3 06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection

The reason for this is that the during default installation step the kernel installed is very old and if you boot the server after installation with that kernel despite above error message then the server will fail to boot in virotuzzo kernel, though you should be able to boot it into the default CentOS kernel. The solution for this problem is to do the installation in this sequence :

1. Install Virtouzzo normally and do NOT reboot the server at end of installation
2. Use vzup2date to install updates and new kernel, if it fails install the new kernel manually
3. Update /etc/grub.conf to set the new kernel as default.
4. Now reboot server and it will work fine.

If vzup2date fails , it will still download the latest kernel and will make it available at path like below :

# /vz/vzup2date/virtuozzo/linux/i386/4.0.0/CU-2.6.18-028stab068.9/ (For 32bit)

# /vz/vzup2date/virtuozzo/linux/x86_64/4.0.0/CU-2.6.18-028stab068.9/ (For 64bit)

You need to install three rpms vzkernel-xxx.rpm , vzkernel-devel-xxx.rpm and vzmodules-xxx.rpm, located at above path. (the CU-Kernel-Name folder will of course vary as the new kernel become available)

Hope this helps some of folks out there facing same problem.

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