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How to check & install a Parallels Virtuozzo Containers license

Virtouzzo is the popular Virtualization platform from Parallels ( formerly known as SWsoft ). Parallels provides Virtouzzo licensing depending on your requirements, i.e you can get a license to support 3 vpss on a node or 20 ve license for running 20 vpss or 30 ve license and so on. In this article I will discuss the common commands that can be used to check the license status and installing a new license in case it gets expired. The main command used for viewing the license information is :

# vzlicview

It provides detail information with fields like owner_name , status , version , owner_id , hwid , expiration, start_date , issue_date etc. We can use the grep command to find our specific information, e.g. we can find the status of license using below command :

# vzlicview | grep status

Similarly you can check other fields in the license. In case your license has expired or it is going to expire in next few days, you will need to get a new license and install it. You can get the hwid from the server to get the new license issued. The new license number has normally the format like VZ.012211XX.00YY and the file name containing the license is also same and usually comes as a zipped text file. Once you have the license key file you can install the new license in following two ways using the main command vzlicload provided for loading the new licenses :

1. Using the below format you can load the license after uploading the license file to the server :

# vzlicload -f “/full/path/to/license/file”

2. Using the below format you can load the license using the unique license key :

# vzlicload -p product_key

The product key is the unique key like VZ.011221XX.00YY . Though please note that this later format of using product key only works with Virtouzzo version 4 and higher and will not work for Virtouzzo version below 4. If you face any issues, you can ask in comment section and I will try to help !

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