Server Administration & Management

OpenVZ Commands


VZ -> Virtuozzo –> recommends ext3 file system
PIM -> Parallels Infrastructure Manager –> IP:4643
PMC -> Parallels Management Console –> managing hardware node
PPP -> Parallels Power Panel –> for managing a single container
All the above things need a license from parallel


OS template -> vzpkg (cache needs to created before creating the container)
EZ template -> points to the repository that contains packages that constitute the template
Application template -> mysql template

Virtuozzo – User’s guide

OS virtualization – (1-2% of is spent on the virtualization s/w) VZFS – allows sharing of common files among containers Hardware node & Containers


Delete the container

# vzctl destroy

Disabling the container

# vzctl set

Suspending the container

# vzctl suspend

To check the status of the quota info

# vzquota

Managing CPU – cpu share and the number of processors the node can make use of

# vzcpucheck

Monitoring tools

# vzstat
# vzps
# vzpid
# vztop
# vzsetxinetd

Virtuozzo networks

# vznetcfg if list
# vznetcfg vlan add eth0 5
# vznetcfg vlan del eth0.5
# vznetcfg net addif vznetwork1 eth0
# vznetcfg net delif eth0
# vznetcfg net new vznetwork1
# vznetcfg net del vznetwork1
# vznetcfg net list

Keeping system up2date : The h/w node can be updated using the normal update procedures without affecting virtuozzo

# vzup2date – /etc/sysconfig/vzup2date/vzup2date.conf
# vzup2date -m batch install –core
# vzup2date -t -m batch install –all-os

Updating the containers

# vzpkg update 101 redhat-el5-x86
# vzpkg update 101
# vzpkg update cache fedora-core-8-x86

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