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Locked out by the brute force system in cPanel

Sometimes, user can’t log in in WH due to CPHULKD Brute Force protection is preventing access to WHM account. The User can’t login due to Brute force protection, this account is currently locked out……. wait 30 minutes and try again,

We can’t wait for half an hour and ready still get the same message. Since we can’t login WHM we can’t disable the brute force protection.

Even more this burte force system has locked out from loging on to Linux. We had to login via SSH from Different IP address Or via using single user mode and reset root password with the passwd command.

But sometimes try to login in to WHM, will get locked out of the server if we restart the machine and each time we have to reset the password or else we can’t able to login to Linux server. All this after input the wrong password for a cPanel account, it locked all the accounts on the server including the root account.

Is this normal ? How can disable the brute force sistem from outside WHM.

If you can still ssh to the server login as root and type the following at the prompt Code:

# mysql

prompt should change to mysql

mysql> use cphulkd;

you will see…database changed

mysql>BACKUP TABLE `brutes` TO ‘/path/to/backup/directory’;

backup first!

mysql> SELECT * FROM `brutes` WHERE `IP`=’xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’;

insert your IP instead xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. Is your IP there? If so,

mysql> DELETE FROM `brutes` WHERE `IP`=’xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’;

that should remove your IP from the table and you will see that in mysql reply. Finally


should return you to your usual prompt.

Now Check, Its works ! ! !

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