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How to secure /tmp directory

Step 1: Backup your /etc/fstab file

# cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak

Step 2: Make a 3GB file for /tmp parition and an ext3 filesystem for tmp:

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/tempFS bs=1024 count=3072000 /sbin/mkfs.ext3 /var/tempFS

*Change the count= to something higher if you need more space*

Step 3: Create a backup copy of your current /tmp drive:

# cp -Rpf /tmp /tmpbackup

Step 4: Mount our new tmp parition and change permissions

# mount -o loop,noexec,nosuid,rw /var/tempFS /tmp

# chmod 1777 /tmp

Step 5: Copy the old data

# cp -Rpf /tmpbackup/* /tmp/

* If your /tmp was empty earlier, you might get this error : cp: cannot stat `/tmp.bak/*’: No such file or directory

Step 6: Edit /etc/fstab and add this

# vi /etc/fstab

And ADD this line:

/var/tempFS /    tmp    ext3    loop,nosuid,noexec,rw    0    0

Step 7: Test your fstab entry

# mount -o remount /tmp

Step 8: Verify that your /tmp mount is working

# df -h

Should look something like this

/var/tempFS           962M   18M  896M   2% /tmp


Secure /var/tmp

Step 1: Use /tmp as /var/tmp

# mv /var/tmp /var/vartmp

# ln -s /tmp /var/tmp

Step 2: Copy the old data back

# cp /var/vartmp/* /tmp/

* If your /var/tmp was empty earlier, you might get this error : cp: cannot stat `/var/vartmp/*’: No such file or directory


Secure /dev/shm

Step 1: Edit your /etc/fstab

# vi /etc/fstab

Locate: none /dev/shm tmpfs defaults,rw 0 0

Change it to: none /dev/shm tmpfs defaults,nosuid,noexec,rw 0 0

Step 2: Remount /dev/shm

# mount -o remount /dev/shm

You should restart services that uses /tmp partition


For cPanel

# /scripts/securetmp

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