Server Administration & Management

Outlook Express Error Codes

General Errors


0x800CCC00      Authentication did not load.
0x800CCC01      Invalid certificate content.
0x800CCC02      Invalid certificate date.
0x800CCC03      User already connected.
0x800CCC04      CONN
0x800CCC05      Not connected to server.
0x800CCC06      CONN_SEND
0x800CCC07      WOULD_BLOCK
0x800CCC09      CONN_RECV
0x800CCC0A      Message download incomplete.
0x800CCC0B      Server or maildrop is busy.
0x800CCC0C      NOT_INIT
0x800CCC0D     Cannot locate server.
0x800CCC0E      Cannot connect to server.
0x800CCC0F      Connection closed.
0x800CCC10      Address not known on server.
0x800CCC11       Mailing list not known on server.
0x800CCC12       Unable to send WINSOCK request.
0x800CCC13       Unable to read Winsock reply.
0x800CCC14       Unable to initialize Winsock.
0x800CCC15       unable to open Windows Socket.
0x800CCC16       User account not recognized.
0x800CCC17       User canceled operation.
0x800CCC18       Logon attempt failed.
0x800CCC19       TIMEOUT
0x800CCC1A      Unable to connect using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)




0x800CCC40      Network subsystem is usable.
0x800CCC41      Windows Sockets cannot support this application.
0x800CCC43      Bad address.
0x800CCC44      Unable to load Windows Sockets.
0x800CCC45      Operation now in progress. This error appears if a Windows Sockets API called while a blocking function is in progress.


Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) Errors


0x800CCC60      Invalid response.
0x800CCC61      Unknown error code.
0x800CCC62      Syntax error returned.
0x800CCC63      Parameter syntax incorrect.
0x800CCC64      Command not implemented.
0x800CCC65      Improper command sequence.
0x800CCC66      Command not implemented.
0x800CCC67      Command not available.
0x800CCC68       Mailbox is locked and busy.
0x800CCC69       Mailbox not found.
0x800CCC6A       Error processing request.
0x800CCC6B       User mailbox is known, but mailbox not on this server.
0x800CCC6C       No space to store messages.
0x800CCC6D       Storage limit exceeded.
0x800CCC6E       Invalid mailbox name syntax.
0x800CCC6F       Transaction failed.
0x800CCC78       Unknown sender. This is caused by having the incorrect e-mail address in the Reply-To field.
0x800CCC79       Server rejected recipients.
0x800CCC7A       No sender address specified.
0x800CCC7B       No recipients specified.


Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) Errors


0x800420CB       Mail cannot be stored on server.
0x800CCC90      Client response invalid.
0x800CCC91      Invalid user name or user not found.
0x800CCC92      Password not valid for account.
0x800CCC94      STAT Command required.
0x800CCC95      No messages on server.
0x800CCC96      No messages marked for retrieval.
0x800CCC97      Message ID out of range.

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