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Softaculous v/s Fantastico

Softaculous is best as compare to Fantastico but its little confusing for new clients who just registered hosting account. I think Softaculous need some time to undterstand.

Softaculous having large number of script as compare to Fantastico. Softaculous is good for WHMCS and Magento users as well as hosting provider becasue both scripts are present in Softaculous and easy to install as compare to manual installation. Softaculous is more updated and has tons of script’s like 144 compared to fantastico having 50… I mean theres a huge difference.

A complete list of changes:

1. Softaculous now has a Admin Side Fantastico Importer which will import installations of Scripts that are common in Softaculous and Fantastico. There are 36 scripts that are common in Softaculous and Fantastico. The admin can now import installations for ALL users by the click of a button.

2. Users can now specify an additional email address to email the installation details.

3. Installation details emailed will now consist the Admin Username and Password of the script installation.

4. In the Admin Settings page, there will be a text “suPHP Detected” if suPHP is found and detected by Softaculous. This is to help admins set the correct CHMOD permissions for installations.

5. The Synchronize button and the Control Panel button in the enduser panel can be turned off by the admin. Users were asking for this feature and we have included it in this version of Softaculous.

6. There will be an Overwrite option for overwriting the files that exist.

7. The cPanel FreeBSD bug which led to an empty domains list is fixed in this version of Softaculous.

8. If security tokens were enabled in cPanel, a user returning from Softaculous to cPanel had to relogin. This is now fixed.

Prices comparison of Softaculous & Fantastico

Features Softaculous Softaculous Free Fantastico Installatron cPanel
Number of Scripts 175 60 50 58 19
User Reviews
One Step Install
3 steps

12+ steps

2 steps
GZip Compression
Addition of Scripts
Common Features
Price/year $24 Free $90 $50 N/A
VPS Price/year $12 Free $24 $25 N/A

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